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Our Story

Handmade Luxury Sourced from Nature

We're proud to offer the highest quality self-care made with intention. We always use zero-waste packaging & locally sourced natural ingredients when available. From our families to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you! 


         When we moved from Philadelphia to Colorado, there were so many adjustments but the change that affected us the most was changing what we put in and on our bodies. Switching to a zero-waste, non-toxic household meant substituting all our old products, from cleaning supplies to shampoos. I quickly realized that I had a very hard time finding zero-waste, natural ingredient, luxury items. I didn't want to lose the daily moments of self-indulgence that my facial spray or my body lotion had become since these were also a part of my hard earned self-care rituals. I started working on making my own products from the organically grown plants in my garden and the local family owned farms in the area. I shared with friends and family and the positive feedback I received made me think there were others looking for products like these and the joy I got from making and sharing could only be multiplied by opening this little shop. There are three of us creating products, sharing information and always researching to ensure we're only putting the best into each new product. 

Jar Bring-Back Program

When you return any of your zero-waste reusable jars, you will receive a $3 purchase credit towards any in-store item. Use code "sustainable" at checkout to redeem and thank you!

All glass jars are vinegar rinsed under UV-C light and steam sanitized before reuse. 


About Us

▫️Sam is a licensed therapist with a strong drive to help others connect to their self-guidance & self-love. She owns a mental health practice and workshop near Aspen, CO and is devoted to finding ways to live sustainably without compromising what we put on and in our bodies.  Her goal is to create items as effective and luxurious as her former products without the packaging waste and artificial additives so that your self-care rituals are good for you and good for the earth.


▫️Sarah is a licensed esthetician, artist and creator, and practicing Christian mystic. I love skincare and helping people connect their self care with the sacred, the mundane with the divine. Using essential oils in my practices have made a massive difference for me, and I want to share that with you. I’m passionate about lowering waste and toxins without compromising on efficacy. Anoint yourself daily, ritually, or however else works for you. 

▫️ Monnique is a Psychic Medium and Modern Shaman, and Ordained Minister. "I want to create products for people that go beyond regular selfcare. Something that bridges the gap between the physical and magickal. Bringing harmony and magick back into our lives on a regular basis in a way that allows us space for mindfulness and resilience. I wanted to create products that remind us of our power as creators. Rituals are the best way to take back your power by mindfully manifesting the life you desire through these self-care rituals. I want others to feel good and the products I offer give others the ability to feel good in all aspects of their life as this is the base for manifesting and meditation and the gateway for stepping back into your power.”

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